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Topcon SurveyMaster

Control your survey data with SurveyMaster - whether in a deeded boundary survey or a construction site. SurveyMaster was designed by surveyors for surveyors and stands alone in ease of use and seamless integration with Topcon field equipment.

  • Complete Desktop Survey Solution
  • Field to Finish Topcon Solution
  • Synchronization with TopSURV 7
  • Program is transportable – USB Key
  • Finished Plat Printing
  • Land Survey Functions
  • Contouring and Surface File Editing
  • Volume analysis
  • Standalone performance

Complete Desktop Survey Software Solution

With SurveyMaster, a user has all he needs to complete a field project whether it is a simple mortgage survey with a one page print out of the boundary and house, or a complicated multi-surface construction jobsite with roads, utilities, machine control and buildings. From Field to Finish, SurveyMaster can handle that critical data flow efficiently.

Straight Forward Licensing

SurveyMaster runs on the actual USB key. So when a user needs to move to a different PC or perhaps go out into the field, he simply takes his USB key with him. He can run SurveyMaster on as many PCs as he likes without having to run time consuming installations on each PC. Just simply plug in the USB Key.

Designed by experience

SurveyMaster was designed by surveyors that have the software experience needed to understand what is needed to manage site and surveying data efficiently. We provide the user with all the legal, annotation, adjustment, and drafting tools they need in one Topcon product.

Standalone performance and freedom

SurveyMaster is standalone CAD-based software that Topcon controls all aspects of. We interface with all of our field equipment and allow you a simple import and export path to other specific software if needed. There are no costly subscriptions or painful annual license agreements.

Topcon Receiver Utility

Topcon Receiver Utility (TRU) is Topcon's hardware configuration software available for installation on desktop computers and hand-held controllers.

TRU is primarily designed for advanced users who need to configure their receiver hardware, or peripheral devices (internal and external modems, Bluetooth boards, etc.).

The application currently has two modes, Terminal and Receiver Managing, which include the following functionality:
  • Manual Mode
  • Receiver Info Dialogue
  • Authorization Options Management
  • Uploading OAF files to a receiver
  • Uploading GPS Firmware (to the power board, GPS receiver, internal Bluetooth board, and modem)
  • Sending commands (Clear NVRAM, Reset Receiver)
Topcon Tools 8

Topcon Tools is a powerful processing and analysis software that’s easy to learn and use. It is easily customizable to match your workflow. Work the way you want, display what you want to see, and get the reports you need.

Topcon Tools supports all Topcon survey instruments and data collectors. It is a modular software including Total Station, RTK, Post Processing, GIS, Design, and Imaging modules. Topcon Tools is easily customizable for your workflow and supports multiple views of your job including Map, Occupation, Google Earth, Tabular, CAD, and 3D.

Topcon Tools Features and Benefits


  • Import directly from Topcon receivers, data collectors, total stations, and digital levels
  • Import CORS data from the Internet
  • Import industry standard formats (shp, dxf, dgn, LandXML, ASCII)

Post Processing

  • Process GPS and GLONASS data
  • Process RINEX data from other manufacturer’s receivers
  • Static and Stop and Go Kinematic processing

Coordinate Systems

  • Support for all major datums and projections
  • User defined projections
  • Localization to ground coordinate systems
  • Extensive geoid model support

Background Images

  • Support for common image formats (jpeg, tiff, bmp, dwg, MrSid)
  • Convert images to new coordinate system including ground coordinates
  • Georeference images with least squares fit (jpeg, tiff, bmp)
  • Export georeferenced images to data collectors

Quality Control

  • Data is constantly monitored
  • User defined thresholds
  • Easily identify suspect data


  • Least squares adjustment of GPS, total station, and level data
  • Interactive blunder detection
  • 1D, 2D, or 3D adjustments
  • Adjustment of geographic, grid, or ground coordinates


  • Create road alignments and x-section templates
  • Create DTMs and contours
  • CAD and 3D views
  • Coordinate geometry calculations including surface comparison, inverse, point in direction, intersection, traverse, best fit curve, and best fit alignment


  • Default reports for Points, GPS Observations, Total Station Observations, Quality Control, Adjustment, Localization, and Loop Closures
  • Include graphic views in your reports
  • Versatile and easy to use report configuration Export
  • Export to industry standard formats (ESRI shp, dxf, dwg, LandXML, and ASCII)
  • Export Google Earth KML file format
  • Export directly to Topcon data collectors
Topcon Layout

Field and Office Software

Finally! Construction site software that gives you the power and performance you need, but is still easy to learn and use.

Topcon Layout was developed with one purpose in mind – give contractors the tools they need to accurately and quickly lay out construction projects. Topcon Layout is a complete solution for construction professionals.

Topcon Layout Field Software

Topcon Layout field software is where the real work begins. Not only can you import projects that were prepared on the desktop, you can easily enter plan features from paper plans directly onsite. Topcon Layout field software can then be used to help you locate points on the construction site using modern equipment such as a total station. After construction you can perform as-built surveys and create stake out tolerance reports.

Topcon LayoutMaster Office Software

Topcon LayoutMaster office software installs on any desktop PC. With it, you can prepare your stake out projects by importing CAD drawings produced by engineers and architects, or when no digital CAD drawings are available, you can manually input the data simply from paper plans. Easily coordinate objects, compute offset stakes and transfer the projects to Topcon Layout field controller software for stake out.

Streamline your construction layout with Topcon’s easy-to-use software for Construction Professionals.

Topcon Layouts intuitive field software supports manual total stations and robotics (optional)

Custom built interface for contractors
  • Easy layer management tools help you hide the data you don’t want to see or use
  • Building pad tool to manually enter building pad perimeters, forms, excavation lines and points
  • Easy-to-use, yet advanced data input and output
  • LayoutMaster office software supports opening and saving autocad dwg and dxf files

Power, performance, and ease-of-use for all of your construction layout jobs – from field to office!

Topcon Layout Field Software

With Field Software on your Field Controller:
  • Import projects prepared on your desktop
  • Easily enter plan features from paper plans onsite
  • Locate points on site using surveying equipment such as a Total Station
  • Perform as-built surveys and stake-out tolerance reports following construction

Layout works seamlessly with Topcon's Construction Total Stations

GTS-100N Series - High-value, low-cost Total Station designed specifically for Construction.
GTS-230W - The World’s First wireless Total Station. Also features point guide and laser plummet.
CTS-3000 - Features reflectorless technology, expanded numeric keyboard, long battery life, integrated laser pointer, and layout alignment guide lights.

Straight-forward information displayed simply and clearly

Designed for Contractors by Contractors. Even if you’re new to layout Topcon Layout guides you through the steps. Restaking, topo, grade checking, even as-builts quickly, easily, accurately.

Full Robotic Operation Available

Topcon Layout is fully compatible with high-end robotic solutions such as Topcon's GPT-9000a or GTS-900a for one-man staking and layout.

Flexible, Scalable, Expandable

Whether you are looking to layout cable runs, building corners, or a pipeline, Topcon Layout provides the flexibility and performance you demand with a simple, straightforward user interface.

Topcon Layout - the tools you need to accurately and quickly lay out construction projects

Field Software:
Simple User Interface for Total Stations
  • Drive robotic total stations with the optional robotic module.
  • Turn measurements from total stations into graphical data.
  • Zero Plate reduces the potential for angular mistakes.
  • Live Map with Touch Selection

  • Touch any point or line on the map and press the Stake button to layout the point.
  • Touch any line to quickly calculate offsets.
  • Fast Plan Entry

  • Directional arrows for entering fast plan line jogs.
  • Plans are stored as figures that can be sent out to DXF files.
  • Quick Dimensions

  • Click the tape measure icon to quickly get the dimension between points.
  • View the summary of multiple point selections.
  • Simple Offsets

  • Offset line segments.
  • Offset figures.
  • Create offset points from lines.
  • Calculate down and out from any line to a point.
  • Bolt Patterns

  • Store bolt patterns.
  • Plot bolt patterns at any project point.

LayoutMaster Office Software

With LayoutMaster installed on your office PC prepare stake out projects on previously existing CAD files or easily add data manually to:
  • Coordinate objects
  • Compute offsets
  • Easily transfer projects to Topcon Layout Field Controller software for stake out
  • Digital Plans Made Easy
  • Quickly generate points and coordinates of stakeout points. Use the easy routines to generate a northing, easting, and elevation for each plan point.
  • Building Calculations
  • Compute areas, points, and lines from objects and points. Calculate offset lines from known building dimensions or lot lines. Then simply transfer your job into a Topcon Layout field controller.
  • Import Computer Design Files
  • Prepare stake out projects by importing AutoCAD DWG and DXF files directly into LayoutMaster. From design through build-out, Topcon Layout provides all the positioning control tools you need.

Field controller software with a superior graphical user interface and fast performance

See everything clearer.

Of the many features in the new TopSURV 8, the large graphical user interface (GUI) is one of the best. With the big icons you can point and touch with your finger, instead using a stylus. Portrait and landscape devices supported.

Survey with speed and convenience.

Create, edit, upload, and download faster using advanced data management techniques. How many instruments do you use on the jobsite? To simplify your work, Topcon stores configuration files for each instrument. Switching from a GRS-1 to a QS is a snap — there’s no wasted time configuring baud rates and connection settings. Just do it once and store it. Compatibility problems? We know there are several programs that require specific file formats, so we’ve given TopSURV 8 numerous file formatting export options.

Features include:
  • Single Source Solution
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Graphical Topography and Stakeout
  • Real Time Field to Finish
  • Advanced Roadingv
  • Real-Time Roads™
  • Industry leading Road Staking
  • Customizable Stake Reports
  • Vast library of Import / Export formats

Intuitive User Interface

TopSURV 8 maintains the familiar large icon menu structure for fast and easy touch navigation. Portrait and landscape devices supported.

Stakeout Transition Points

The opening dialog of the Road and Slope stakeout routines now offers options for stopping at various Transition Points along the design, for both horizonatal and vertical critical stations.

MAP-based Topography

TopSURV 8 provides a superior MAP view in Topo that allows the user to measure and code while showing their current position in real-time.

More Viewable MAP Area

By adding callapsable toolbars for status, robotic icons, and zoom icons, the TopSURV 8 map provides more viewable area.

User-defined Stakeout Interface

Stakeout now supports up to five different views for the graphical information that is displayed.

Additonal customization can be done through user-defined data labels. Simply click on the data label to select from the data label options list.

Two Surface Volumes

TopSURV 8 allows the user to store a measured surface while staking a DTM, and provides the ability to calculate two surface volumes in COGO.

Road Strings

Road Strings and the ability to define String Sets that define the true road design surface sets TopSURV apart from products limited to cross section road staking.

Modules Available:

TopSURV Basic - Core Package that includes communication interfaces to optical total stations and levels and DGPS (GIS).
TopSURV Robotic - Take control of your Topcon robotic instrument, with complete support for all of the advanced features of our full robotic line-up!
TopSURV GPS+ - Unleash the full power and capability of your Topcon GPS+ system!
TopSURV Pro (Roading) - Create & edit cross section templates, string sets, horizontal and vertical alignments. Survey using cross sections, calculate using road alignments, and stakeout roads & slopes. Real-Time Roads(TM) brings high production to road staking.
TopSURV mmGPS+ - Control your Topcon mmGPS+ system using TopSURV.

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