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Topcon Tierra

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Topcon Tierra

Tierra is a tool for gathering remote machine location, operating hours and machine information. The Tierra solution allows managers to make more informed decisions, and eliminates slow, inaccurate, and labor intensive data gathering regimens.

Tierra goes well beyond gathering large amounts of raw machine data. Tierra sifts through all that data and provides immediate alerts and useful reports. And that allows managers to focus on the things that are actionable, with minimal effort required to uncover those important pieces of information. The concept is pretty simple. We’ve designed Tierra so that it won’t bother you with situations that are ideal. It will alert you when a situation is less than ideal, allowing the manager to take immediate steps to improve the situation.

Features at a Glance:


  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • Utilization
  • Job Costing
  • Hardware Platform – AM50 (AM25 Upon Release)


  • All Features of Standard plus:
    • Digital Sensor Reporting and Alerts
    • Hardware Platform – AM50 (AM25 Upon Release – pending wiring compatibility confirmation)


  • All Features of Standard and Professional plus:
    • Canbus Reporting and Alerts
    • Hardware Platform – AM50 and ADL100

Tierra will improve:


  • Geofence

    A geofence is a virtual fence drawn on a Google map. Tierra can text message and/or email managers whenever a machine is leaving a geofenced area. And once you know your machine has left, it’s easy to track and recover. Law enforcement is typically more enthusiastic when they know exactly where to find a piece of stolen equipment. While any security system can theoretically be defeated, Tierra users enjoy a significantly higher level of security than fleets that aren’t equipped. And with many contractors being self insured, or facing insurance premium increases when theft occurs, Tierra delivers a significant reduction in theft related costs.
  • Lost Machines

    Thankfully it doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Somebody lost a backhoe, and now you’ve sent 3 employees out on a search and rescue mission - eating up payroll and gas. Tierra users can locate their machines at the touch of a button.
  • Curfew

    Curfew is typically used to alert managers of unauthorized machine use. Tierra is configured to provide a text message and/or email alert when a machine is running outside of a customer’s normal hours of operation. This is often useful for providing notification when other contractors “borrow” a piece of equipment overnight.
  • Remote Anti-Start

    Tierra equipped machines can be remotely disabled in conjunction with the curfew feature. Machines are disabled outside of a customer’s normal operating hours. Tierra won’t shut down a machine while it’s running for safety reasons, but will keep the machine from starting once it has been shut down. Tierra with remote anti-start can be used to prevent thieves from driving unattended machines onto a transport, or off of a jobsite during the dead of night. A manager can remotely re-enable the machine if a service crew requires after-hours access.


Tierra users set up machines to alert once they’ve reached their scheduled maintenance interval. Usually its 250 hours, but the Tierra system is user configurable for other intervals. Tierra replaces labor intensive and mistake prone manual data collection regimens. And with accurate machine hours provided daily, managers can be certain that machines are being serviced at the appropriate maintenance intervals. They will no longer be serviced too infrequently, where machines are subject to higher failure rates and warranty claim rejections. They will no longer be serviced too often, where companies incur unnecessary labor and oil expenses. Tierra enables users to maintain machines within a much tighter window of the specified service intervals. And service technicians will no longer have to search for the machines they’ve been sent out to service. They’ll know right where they are. Tierra reduces labor costs, and improves maintenance procedures and machine residual values.


Tierra users are able to quickly determine which machines are not being used, and available for redeployment to a more appropriate job site. Imagine being able to pull up a report in 30 seconds that shows all of your backhoes with less than 3 hours run time in the last week. Are you renting backhoes on other jobsites? Can those rental expenses be avoided if you have real time information on machine usage? Tierra reduces data collection costs, and improves machine utilization.

Job Costing

Most contractors gather machine run time for job costing. The data gathering process is typically expensive, labor intensive, subject to clerical errors, and even more subject to fudging. And the process takes days - sometimes weeks or months. By then an audit trail can go cold, and getting at the truth can be difficult. Tierra provides this information daily, and reports are available with few simple keystrokes. The data is reliably accurate, and not subject to human error or fudging. In addition, with integration into contractor software, the cost of human data entry can be eliminated. Some users configure geofences so that a machine sends an alert when a machine arrives on the jobsite. This can trigger the internal machine billing to begin for that jobsite. Tierra reduces data collection costs, and improves job costing timeliness and accuracy.

Tierra ROI

  • Security
    • Labor wasted gathering and inputting hours:
    • Calculation - Number of field employees X average hourly burdened labor rate X ………
  • Maintenance
  • Utilization
  • Job Costing
  • Productivity
  • Work vs. Idle fuel savings calculator.

How Does It Work

The Tierra solution has 3 components.
  • The Tierra Hardware is the communications device installed on your machine.
  • The Tierra Service Plan enables the features you need, and configures how often the unit communicates.
  • TierraWeb is the internet based user interface – where you’ll go to configure alerts, and generate reports.

For more information visit: Topcon Tierra

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