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HiPer Ga

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HiPer Ga

The HiPer Ga model receiver has standard GPS satellite tracking capability with the added bonus of GLONASS satellite tracking upgradeability via OAF activation code.

No hardware changes or modifications are required. Use the HiPer Ga as a cable free RTK base and rover system; or as two rover receivers from a fixed base station or a GNSS network system by way of radio or cellular communication.

HiPer Ga features include:
  • Innovative, cable-free system design
  • Complete GPS and Glonass satellite system tracking
  • Advanced Digital Radio Communications System
  • Integrated Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • Powerful 40 channel GNSS board operating at up to 20Hz
  • User selectable and upgradeable internal memory
  • Rugged, waterproof, field proven system design

If you need an economical RTK solution that provides advanced technology, wireless system design, and rugged, waterproof construction, it's time to think green. It's time for Topcon and the new Green Label HiPer receivers!

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