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The new LS-B10W system adds to the productivity of your job site.

Both utilize magnetic mountings and when used in conjunction with a Topcon laser level, the combination and productivity is unbeatable.

LS-B10W Features:
  • Small, Lightweight design
  • 270e detection
  • Rugged, Waterproof design
  • Wireless Support and CAN support
  • Magnetic mounts for use anywhere

The LS-B10W mounts on the part of the machine that you wish to keep on grade. It sends its leveling information wirelessly back to the RD-10W remote display that is mounted in the cab where the operator can better see the grade information. All this functionality with a low cost price too!

Not limited to machine mounting only, the LS-B10 and LS-B10W sensors have an optional grade rod mount bracket as well.

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