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Millimeter GPS

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Millimeter GPS

A new dimension of precision and productivity

Imagine taking your GPS rover and transforming it into a super-precise measuring device that rivals a robotic total station. Or enabling your highly productive 3D-GPS+ stakeless grading systems to speed through your highest precision work. At a fraction of the cost of a robotic total station system, and without the single-user limitation. That's the power of MILLIMETER GPS™.

High-precision, three-dimensional stakeless grading has been available for years. But it required an expensive specialized robotic total station for each piece of automated machinery. With the MILLIMETER GPS system, you can add high-precision control to your Topcon 3D-GPS+ grade control system for a fraction of the cost, and--like GPS--one PZL-1 transmitter can operate multiple PZS-MC equipped machines. For added convenience on large or extremely steep areas, multiple PZL-1 transmitters can be linked, providing continuous, high-speed, high-precision control.

  • World's first millimeter accurate GPS system--up to 300% more accurate than standard GPS
  • Lazer Zone transmitter provides precise verticle measurement area 600m in diameter, 10m. in height.
  • Works existing Topcon GPS+ systems
  • Multiple rover support (machine or pole mounted)

Introducing Lazer Zone™...where precision and productivity merge

Topcon proudly introduces a new dimension of control technology--Lazer Zone™. The PZL-1 Positioning Zone Laser projects a Laser Zone beam that sweeps over a 600 meter area. This unique signal creates a 10 meter high zone of precision elevation control. The Laser Zone sensors, either on a rover pole or machine mast, computes a precise elevation anywhere within the Laser Zone. This provides instant millimeter accurate elevation control.

PZL-1 Transmitter

The Positioning Zone Laser transmitter sets up and operates much like a standard rotating laser but transmits a unique LazerZone™ signal to provide a working range of 3,000 ft. plus an incredible measuring area of 33 ft. in height! Link up to four laser transmitters for use on large sites to cover a distance of nearly 8,000 ft. with elevation changes of over 130 ft. Multiple rovers can use the same transmitter, even at different elevations for continuous production.

PZS-1 Rover Sensor

Instantly computes precise vertical information from the PZL-1 laser transmitter. Automatically determines elevation based on your jobsite control - eliminating the need for a moveable mast or grade rod. Mount the PZS-1 to your range pole, where it receives the PLZ-1 laser signal and wirelessly transmits data to your existing HiPer rover.

PZS-MC Sensor

Mount the PZS-MC to your dozer or grader to replace your machine mounted GPS antenna and benefit from LazerZone™ technology. The PLZ-1 can operate multiple PZS-MC equipped machines, providing continuous, high-speed, high precision control throughout the job site. The smart LazerZone™ technology can distinguish between transmitters for hassle-free, precision grading.


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