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With its revolutionary 1200m reflectorless range the 3000LW sets a new standard for EDM range, delivering the power for difficult shots that others just can’t measure up to! The Topcon 3000LW series measures nearly four times farther than any other competitive total station, once again demonstrating the technology advantages that Topcon offers.

GPT-3000LW Series Features:

  • 1200 Meter Reflectorless range

  • New long range reflectorless mode leaves competitors far behind. Measure 300m to ANY surface!
  • Bluetooth® Communications

  • Tethered to your instrument with bothersome, trouble prone, expensive cables? Not any more! Just add a Topcon FC-100 or FC-2000 with wireless Bluetooth capability and forget your cable problems forever!
  • Precise measurements

  • The ability of the 3000LW to measure long range is significant, but real advantage of this technology is what this increased measurement power means at shorter distances. The Topcon GPT-3000LW outperforms all other reflectorless total stations when measuring to difficult targets such as hanging wires or dark asphalt.
  • Dual Laser optics

  • Our dual laser optics system uses one narrow beam for non-prism functions, and a broader beam when using a prism for more stable long-range measurement.
  • Visible laser pointer

  • Our state-of-the-art visible diode technology puts a bright, flashing spot of light exactly at the point to be measured. And our Class 1 laser is so safe, you can use it in heavy traffic areas.
  • Putting the competition “on-the-spot”

  • Most reflectorless instruments use a laser for distance measurement, with varying spot quality over distance. Topcon’s GPT-3000LW uses the industries most advanced, highly focused infrared beam for a very stable, sharp spot that is less resistant to “spreading” over distance.

Topcon’s GPT-3000LW uses a dual laser optics system, one narrow beam for non-prism functions, and a broader beam when using a prism. This stabilizes the beam over long distances providing accurate measurement, even in adverse atmospheric conditions such as heat shimmer.

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