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Topcon Tools 8

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Topcon Tools 8

Topcon Tools is a powerful processing and analysis software that’s easy to learn and use. It is easily customizable to match your workflow. Work the way you want, display what you want to see, and get the reports you need.

Topcon Tools supports all Topcon survey instruments and data collectors. It is a modular software including Total Station, RTK, Post Processing, GIS, Design, and Imaging modules. Topcon Tools is easily customizable for your workflow and supports multiple views of your job including Map, Occupation, Google Earth, Tabular, CAD, and 3D.

Topcon Tools Features and Benefits


  • Import directly from Topcon receivers, data collectors, total stations, and digital levels
  • Import CORS data from the Internet
  • Import industry standard formats (shp, dxf, dgn, LandXML, ASCII)

Post Processing

  • Process GPS and GLONASS data
  • Process RINEX data from other manufacturer’s receivers
  • Static and Stop and Go Kinematic processing

Coordinate Systems

  • Support for all major datums and projections
  • User defined projections
  • Localization to ground coordinate systems
  • Extensive geoid model support

Background Images

  • Support for common image formats (jpeg, tiff, bmp, dwg, MrSid)
  • Convert images to new coordinate system including ground coordinates
  • Georeference images with least squares fit (jpeg, tiff, bmp)
  • Export georeferenced images to data collectors

Quality Control

  • Data is constantly monitored
  • User defined thresholds
  • Easily identify suspect data


  • Least squares adjustment of GPS, total station, and level data
  • Interactive blunder detection
  • 1D, 2D, or 3D adjustments
  • Adjustment of geographic, grid, or ground coordinates


  • Create road alignments and x-section templates
  • Create DTMs and contours
  • CAD and 3D views
  • Coordinate geometry calculations including surface comparison, inverse, point in direction, intersection, traverse, best fit curve, and best fit alignment


  • Default reports for Points, GPS Observations, Total Station Observations, Quality Control, Adjustment, Localization, and Loop Closures
  • Include graphic views in your reports
  • Versatile and easy to use report configuration Export
  • Export to industry standard formats (ESRI shp, dxf, dwg, LandXML, and ASCII)
  • Export Google Earth KML file format
  • Export directly to Topcon data collectors
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