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Topcon SiteMaster and Topcon SiteMaster Lite office software, the perfect compliment to Topcon's 3DMC Systems

Fully Compatible with Topcon 3DMC Systems

With Topcon SiteMaster and Topcon SiteMaster Lite, simply import or export a 3DMC project and all of the design files are included with the project. This even includes the surface (tn3) files. An export wizard makes it easy to export only the design elements you need or all of the elements. Previews of the available horizontal alignments, lines, points and DTMs are provided.

Synchronization with Pocket 3D and TopSURV

Both Topcon SiteMaster and Topcon SiteMaster Lite are compatible with Pocket 3D and TopSURV. Project elements such as horizontal alignments, vertical alignments, and cross-sections are automatically transferred during export to a mobile device. Import/ Export tsj files directly from within the Topcon SiteMaster project to the mobile device. Even photo notes are automatically transferred.

Surface (DTM) Creation/Editing

Topcon SiteMaster and Topcon SiteMaster Lite's surface modeling command is the most efficient generator of a triangular digital terrain model available today. The formation of the triangles is a one button operation, with nominated break lines being incorporated into the model upon triangulation. The program provides many options for editing, deleting triangles and viewing the surface in 3D. Multiple surfaces are supported within a project.

Single File Projects

With both Topcon SiteMaster and Topcon SiteMaster Lite, point data, survey raw data, horizontal alignments, vertical alignments, templates, surfaces, linework and sewers are stored in a single file. This single file storage method greatly simplifies organization and improves efficiency.

Field or Office, Topcon SiteMaster/ Topcon SiteMaster Lite are Ready-To-Go

Topcon SiteMaster runs on the USB key, so when you need to move to a different PC or go out into the field, simply take the USB key with you. There's no hassle from PC license files or time consuming updating to several different PCs, just plug in the USB key and you're ready to go.

Designed for construction, surface modeling and road/site design professionals, Topcon SiteMaster and Topcon SiteMaster Lite provide unparalleled ease-of-use and seamless integration for your Topcon field equipment and 3DMC systems.

Features Available in both Topcon SiteMaster and Topcon SiteMaster Lite Versions

Road View/Edit

The Roads View/Editor utilizes an interactive 3-panel view which displays alignment, profile and cross section simultaneously. It includes powerful string and template design which can handle an unlimited number of strings. A curve length calculator is provided to simplify vertical curve design. Incorporates all facilities needed to design a simple road or a multilane divided highway.

Manual Road Builder

The Manual Road Builder utilizes an interactive configurable tab based 3-panel display for quick and easy entry of road design data from paper plans. Horizontal Alignment, Vertical Alignment, Offsets to Design elements such as edge of road and curbs from a user defined reference are provided. Create a surface or cross sections based upon data entered as well as generate a report of the data.

3D Viewer

The power of 3D surface modelling can be harnessed with Topcon SiteMaster‘s 3D viewer. Investigate design changes from all angles. Quickly identify areas of the project that require attention.

Additional Design Features in Topcon SiteMaster (full version only)

Drain View/Edit

The Drain View/Editor is designed to compute overland flow and pipe sizing for networks with one outlet. Overland flows and hydrological data are computed using the Rational Method, with pipe sizes and inverts being calculated by the Hydraulic Grade Line Method. The user-defined library allows for local rainfall intensities, pipe types and sizes, kerb and channel profiles and other data to be used.

Sewer View/Edit

The Sewer View/Editor is designed to allow the entry of sufficient data to describe a sewer network with one outfall per pipe network. Interactively design the pipes to obtain the optimum combination of pipe slope and depth. Plot the final design profile for each line contained in the network.

2D to 3D Tools

"Elevating" design drawings to the project design elevation is easily accomplished using these tools. Elevate entities by text, by Starting and Ending elevations, by Interval or by the intersections with items containing elevation. These tools greatly speed up the preparation of design drawings for surface model creation for use with 3DMC systems.
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