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GeoHay is an environmentally friendly and green line of barrier filtration products which aid in the control of erosion and sediment. It is produced with 100% recycled carpet fibers and can be reused over and over again. GeoHay has been proven to be more efficient and more cost effective than silt fence or natural hay bales. All products are produced in standard sizes, but can also be ordered to fit the specific needs of our customers. All GeoHay products come with precut stake holes for easy installation and are non-biodegradable.

All GeoHay products:

  • - Made from 100% recycled synthetic fibers
  • - Pre-cut stake holes for easy installation
  • - Proven more effective than natural hay bales and silt fencing
  • - More cost efficient than silt fencing and natural hay bales
  • - Reusable
  • - Environmentally friendly
  • - Non-biodegradable
  • - Durable
  • - Patented


Our custom GeoFilter is made from recyclable synthetic fybers which allow for double filtering of sediment during Pre-Construction. As with all products the GeoFilter can be cleaned and reused many times.


Bales are made from 100% synthetic fibers produced in the size of 3.75 foot grass hay bale (45"x15"). GeoBales are strong, durable, and an excellent temporary sediment and erosion control device. The Bales are environmentally safe and completely weed free. Bales are manufactured with pre-made stake holes for quick and easy installation. The sediment trapped in the GeoBales can be washed out and the GeoBales can be reused many times.


GeoWattles are made of 100% synthetic fibers produced in 9" diameter rolls with lengths from 4 to 16 feet. GeoHay wattles are also Non-Biodegrable, strong and durable, an excellent temporary sediment and erosion control device. GeoWattles are also used as Water Velocity Inhibitors on steep slopes. These wattles, as with all our products, can be cleaned and reused many times and come with Pre-made Stake Holes. Wattles can also be made with bendable steel to shape to your specifications.

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