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Carlson Survey 2010

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Carlson Survey 2010

Carlson Survey 2010 is made with surveyors in mind, allowing them to get the most out of all of their software. This software package is the culmination of 26 years of working with and for surveyors to both increase their accuracy as well as their productivity.

The Carlson 2010 line of software comes with 64-bit capabilities, is Windows 7 compatible, & works on AutoCAD®2010.

Top new features for Carlson Survey 2010 include:

AutoCAD 2010 DWG Support: If you're working with AutoCAD 2010, Carlson Survey 2010 is what you need.

C&G Survey Commands Included: Get two of the nation's most popular survey programs in one. The menus for each survey solution will run side by side. If you are a C&G user, you will also get Carlson Survey. If you are a Carlson Survey user, you will also get C&G.

Smart Annotation Rules: Fully adjustable for cleaner designs with no overlapping labels.

Document Management: Here's a smart filing system - the Carlson Data Depot - for sharing files and archiving or making back-ups.

Settings Management: Get everyone working on the same page with this ability to establish company-wide settings and styles.

CAD Standards Draw Tool: Easy-to-use table of custom items you can draw complete with standardized properties.

Best Fit Line/Curve: Added ability to add or remove points from processing and then recalculate.

Surveyors will use the point-based CAD/COGO commands extensively, since it has more of them than any other product available today. Add the one-step contouring, volume calculation and construction stakeout features built into this innovative product, and surveyors can do all their mapping and construction stakeout -- from start to finish -- without having to resort to using any other software.

Click Here for the full list of Carlson Survey 2010 improvements.

Also included are hundreds of enhancements to basic AutoCAD® commands. Note that Carlson Survey 2010 can be purchased individually or, for even greater savings, as part of the Carlson Civil Suite 2010, Carlson Survey 2010 runs atop AutoCAD versions 2000-2010, plus IntelliCAD6.6. Carlson is dedicated to giving its users a choice and in addition to developing on IntelliCAD, will continue to develop on AutoCAD and Map indefinitely going forward.

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