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Carlson Civil 2010

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Carlson Civil 2010

Civil Design to Put You in the Passing Lane—What might take days with other civil software, takes just hours, or even minutes, with the powerful, intuitive Carlson Civil 2010.

This is thanks to the Carlson Civil 2010 wide selection of “power” tools – dozens of brand new commands, along with hundreds of user-driven improvements. Carlson Civil 2010 comes with 64-bit capabilities, is Windows 7 compatible, and works on AutoCAD® or Map® versions 2000, up to and including 2010, and comes with built-in IntelliCAD®6.6— a robust, DWG-compatible CAD platform that every CAD developer can build upon.

Carlson Civil 2010 is a superior choice for civil technicians, designers and engineers. It provides the highest level of robust automation and ease-of-use of any civil design solution available today and has the deepest, most consistent code base in the civil engineering industry. Using Carlson Civil will increase your productivity and enable you to create better designs in less time. Carlson Civil 2010 is available now.

“I especially like the RoadNET and LotNET programs... We are actually able to give the client a much better product now in much less time than before.”

-Tony Kinder
Cleveland Survey
Cleveland, Tennessee

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Get Powerful Automation

What might take days with other civil software takes just hours, or even minutes, with the powerful, intuitive Carlson Civil

RoadNET: Build all roads, intersections and cul-de-sacs in 2D and 3D with a single click of the “PROCESS” button.

SiteNET: Elevate your estimating accuracy with this intuitive layer-based surface generator and earthwork calculator.

LotNET: Quickly define an entire subdivision of lots based on an outer boundary, interior ROWs or Centerlines, and a simple set of user-defined “rules,” then pick “PROCESS” and the lots appear, defined and labeled.

Carlson Offers Choice

AutoCAD® or IntelliCAD® – Carlson Civil runs on top of any AutoCAD® or Map® from versions 2000 up AND Carlson Civil comes with built-in IntelliCAD®

Automatic, Prompt or Manual – Carlson’s fully dynamic design environment – its trademark “networking” – means that changes made to one aspect of your design are reflected in all other related aspects

2D, 3D, or Flyover – get true 2D, easy-touse 3D, plus the ability to view an aerial image draped onto a surface in both the Carlson 3D Viewer and Surface 3D Flyover

Affordable, Voluntary Maintenance Programs – Carlson customers are allowed to choose to upgrade based solely on the merits of the software’s new features. There is no retirement of software.

NEW this year, are improved CAD Standards:

* Draw Standard Item: Create common CAD entities with pre-defined properties
* Settings Explorer: Manage all program settings from single interface
* Settings Libraries: Setup tables for symbols, layers, road templates, etc.
* Data Depot: Document management for workgroups and archiving
* Project Sub-Folders: Custom controls of data folders by type

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Carlson Civil 2010 runs atop any AutoCAD®, including regular AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map®, Land Desktop® or Civil 3D®, versions 2000-2010, and included in Carlson Civil 2010 are hundreds of enhancements to basic AutoCAD commands. Carlson Civil 2010 also comes with built-in IntelliCAD.

Carlson Civil 2010 is part of the Carlson Civil Suite 2010 (left), which includes Carlson Survey 2010, Carlson Hydrology 2010, and Carlson GIS 2010.

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