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Topcon's Pocket-3D GPS field controller software was designed to be easy to learn and use without sacrificing power and performance. Pocket-3D is the human interface to unlock the power of real time. GPS (RTK) positioning on your project site. With accuracies within a couple hundredths of a foot, Pocket-3D combined with Topcon's advanced GPS+ technology provides the perfect job site staking and grade control tool with almost limitless potential.

Most Common Features:

Check Grades - verify cut/fill information

Topcon GPS+ with Pocket-3D provides real time position information anywhere on your job site. Inside the Pocket-3D controller, the GPS position is compared to the design grade to provide instantaneous cuts and fills. Now one grade checker can easily provide grade information to several machines on the same site. Put one in your grade foremans’s pickup to give him ultimate control of the jobsite.

Stakeout Points

Need to set some points? How about replace stakes that have been disturbed or knocked out? Pocket-3D gives you the ability to stake out points without having to wait for the surveyor. Layout pads, lot corners, road stakes or daylight lines. With Pocket-3D, it’s fast and easy.

Measure and Compare Surfaces & Quantities

With the high precision 3D measurement of Pocket-3D, topoing surfaces and comparing quantities is a snap. Pocket-3D is the perfect tool to check a site to verify bid quantities, measure stock pile volumes or check your progress on the job. Simply mount a Topcon GPS+ Pocket-3D system on a four wheeler or pickup and drive the site automatically capturing the surface information. Pocket-3D can compare the measured surface to the design file or prefviously topoed surface. Instant volume information right there in the field!


Topcon’s GPS+ System with Pocket-3D can measure a variety of points without the hassle of line-of-sight total stations, all with the high accuracy you demand, to maxamize the control of your job site.


The days of manual tie-outs are over, and with it goes all the hassle of relocating manholes or water valves. With Pocket-3D, you simply locate the points before the asphalt goes down, then come back and Pocket-3D will put you within a few hundredths of a foot! To top it off you get an accurate cut measurement tot he top of the manhole eliminating any guess work.
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